December 14, 2011

In 90 years...

Tomorrow my granny will celebrate her 90th birthday. She’s an amazing woman  - she still lives on her own, drives her car, conducts charitable work, takes pride in her garden and, would you believe it she’s on Facebook! In her 90 years she served in WWII and married my grandfather a Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army.
When they served, computer-based-training (CBT) didn’t exist - heck computers barely existed; classroom instruction and hands-on-steel were the way things got done. But at this time, equipment was simpler, mechanical skills were common, and information wasn’t so easily disseminated. To think that since WWII we now have training conducted in virtual worlds so realistic that people experience fear is incredible; that satellite and network technologies are so advanced data is delivered from UAVs to personnel on the ground in nanoseconds; that aircrews around the world can practice missions together. It’s absolutely astounding.
I wonder where we’ll be when we’re 90 and what kind of missions our troops will be facing. What advanced technologies will they be using to complete their missions?


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