December 16, 2011

It's not work-life balance

It's just life balance.

Today, I've been hanging with my nephew. He doesn't do much, but a little grin from this three-month-old and suddenly the day has passed. It's a reminder that finding balance is very important and something that can be difficult to obtain when you're connected to your Blackberry 24/7.

I work from home so while many think I have much more time on my hands the opposite is true. Now there are no divisional lines between my work and personal lives. They roll over each other and become a smushed up mess where I can barely tell the difference between the two. I must admit though, that I like what I do, so it's not a negative thing. Instead, it becomes about having a life that works for me. So today, it's about my nephew.

How do you balance life?


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