December 6, 2011

Welcome to DefTechPR (or my little brain)!

Welcome to my DefTechPR. You’ve likely stumbled upon this site or been inclined to read it because you have some relation to me. In either case, I hope you find it interesting and a good resource.
I have worked in public relations for some time and thanks to the life of agency, I had the good fortune to work with technology companies providing innovative solutions to the defense industry. Companies that developed laser cameras for NASA, offered end-to-end modeling and simulation tools, as well as secured networks for police and security forces. I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I currently work for NGRAIN. NGRAIN develops simulations that are used around the world for equipment maintenance training and operational support. Yes, I will write about NGRAIN and my former clients on occasion. I have witnessed such passion at these companies that it would be impossible to avoid it. But, DefTechPR won’t really be about them, no, it will be about my perspectives on public relations, the cool technology in our industry, and the defense community as a whole.
So, enjoy the ramblings about stuff that is “seriously cool” from someone that is a self-professed nerd.  


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