February 8, 2012

What do you Fan on Facebook?

Just a few Facebook pages that I like to check in with - what are your fave pages?

1. Become a fan of the services they're all on Facebook with millions of service-men/women along with family and friends actively chatting. The Marines page does a particularly good job with engaging its members with photo contests, news updates, and human interest stories. (just make sure you get the official pages) - seriously smart PR peeps working there!
2. Social Media for the Military - correlating to the blog of the same name, the site is a good place to check in on news related to social media in the military. Articles, videos, analysis, and additional resources are provided.
3. defence.professionals - of the defpro.com community, this page is a great way to stay on top of the incredible amount of news this site covers. Throw this page feed into your NetVibes dashboard.
4. TechCrunch and Inc. - both great biz/tech publications with a talkative community. I like reading the feedback about articles here. Be warned though, sometimes you have to wade through the "hate."

Happy reading!


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