July 11, 2012

There's a serious time warp

I find it amazing that whether you're doing the managing, or being managed, there is an incredible time warp that seems to happen. You know the one, where your boss asks you for five-million things last minute and the next day wants to know where you're at with previously planned tasks you clearly had no time to get to. Or when as a manager you expect something to take an hour and your team looks at you like a crazy person as they've barely made headway into the project.

While certainly not perfect, I've learned  that in these instances I must remember that my team is full of brilliant people who do great work. If there's a time warp going on, it's worth a discussion to see if a process can be improved, a new direction taken, or my expectations need to be adjusted. That's just fair.

Anyone experiencing a time warp today?


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