July 12, 2012

Infographics....why are they awesome?

Today Kobo posted an infographic about the romping fun of readers to help promote our Fifty Shades of Grey titles. It's the first infographic I've been personally involved in from conception to completion and it's been a great exercise.

Things I like about infographics:
1. If the subject matter is remotely personal/embarrassing/controversial, creating an infographic will send you on wild searches for imagery.
2. In our case, we used the infographic to present survey results about romantic rendez-vous-ing. This infographic is now like a badge of honor for all the hard work that went into the overarching campaign.
3. Infographics are easy to share through social media. People look for these things online which means a simple #infographic in your Tweet can go a long way.
4. Your friends and colleagues will love you. Seriously, I'm amazed at what an infographic can do to have people recognize the work you do.

Things I learned about infographics:
1. Online tools like Easel.ly are pretty amazing. If you've got basic design skills and have access to PhotoShop you can create some amazing things. Keep in mind however, that the templates may limit your creativity.
2. You can post the infographic as a JPG or PNG, but it's so much better if you get your web guys to host it for you so that you can embed URL back to your site.
3. Remember to post the infographic direct to Twitter pics as well as URL (even if in separate Tweets). Otherwise, you'll miss an opp when people check out your pics online.

Have you done an infographic lately? Tell me about it!

Here's ours: